Mounir **** supervisor of building and bridge


• Gestion/Organisation de la zone «Housekeeping» et de l’équipe.


2018 Bachelor at free candidate
2014/2016 Electricity maintenance Industrial at Yaaqueb el mansour Rabat
2006/2008 ELECTROMECHANICAL at Ocean Rabat


05/11/2018 Dye Overhaul Electrical Technician at Fruit of the loom

a) Cleaning & Maintenance of assigned machinery
b) Equipment & Parts Used

• Carry out routine maintenance checks and duties as per procedures.
• Assist in all electrical installation of equipment in the department.
• Assist Team Leaders at handovers and assigning / prioritising work as necessary.
• Repair and rectify electrical defects, malfunctions and breakdowns on all machinery and equipment.
• Carry out preventative maintenance and repairs on:
a) Department services: lighting, power supplies, sweep fans etc.
b) Department ancillary equipment.
• Carry out repairs as indicated in assigned maintenance log.
• Assist with Fire Team duties.
• Assist with Trials and Tests as necessary within the department.
• Carry out any other duties as requested by management.

25/01/2014/01/11/2018 Finishing Training Instructor at Fruit of the loom

• Carryout duties using standard methods as instructed to ensure maximum efficiency.
• Keep your work area clean and tidy.
• Be aware at all times of safety obligations to yourself and to others as specified in the company safety manual.
• Develop in agreement with Training and Department Managers training programs for all operator level positions within the department.
• Assist in the development of job descriptions and job hazard sheets as directed by Training &/or Department Manager.
• Assess all trainees and assist Shift/Department Managers in training appraisals and individual trainee evaluation.
• Maintain records of all training carried out within the department in compliance with company requirements.
• Comply with all induction requirements for new employees.
• Assist Department Manager in the development of Standard Operating Procedures for all machinery within the department.
• Assist in follow up to accident investigations and review Standard Operating Procedure and individual work practices at the direction of the Safety and Department Managers.
• Provide Team Leader cover as required, ensuring compliance with all company policies and procedures.
• Ensure that all company and personal protective equipment is used correctly in order to maintain a safe working environment.
• Assess current production needs and organise work assignments to achieve the required production targets and quality standards.
• Monitor and analyze information on machinery and production to ensure standard operating procedures are maintained and quality standards are achieved.
• Promote and contribute to all aspects of group operations, helping to develop a teamworking ethos and encouraging the achievement of success. Maintain and process all administrative records as required.
• Communicate as required in order to ensure distribution of information throughout the plant.
• Promote harmonious working relations in compliance with Company policy on Equal Opportunities.
• Direct and control the Emergency Response Team to minimize risk to life and to ensure a safe and prompt recovery of manufacturing operations.
• Provide First Aid and Stores covers outside normal departmental provisions.
• Carryout any other duties as requested by management.

11/12/2008/25/05/2010 supervisor of building and bridge at CCL MOROCCO

Former, surveiller et contribuer à l’évaluation des employés existants en mettant en œuvre des programmes de formation convenus, afin d’atteindre les normes optimales de production, de santé et de sécurité et de qualité sur le lieu de travail, afin de développer les compétences et les connaissances de tous les employés grâce à une formation efficace.]
• Proposer et développer une amélioration continue du produit/processus.
• Les Audits.
• Gestion/Organisation de la zone «Housekeeping» et de l’équipe.

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