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Hamid Hesni

As a brief explanation:

I have worked in designing and analyzing of industrial components for several years with prominent turbine manufacturers in Iran (MAPNA-TUGA), and also in an automobile’s parts manufacturer company named NASSIR LAVAZEM.

After working for over a decade in turbine & compressor and also auto parts manufacturing industries , for 9 years and 3 years respectively , I have achieved advanced knowledge in:  support engineering , FEA analyzing , 2D & 3D modeling and drafting, designing of high pressure compressor casing, High & Low Cycle Fatigue analysis, ABAQUS and SolidWorks, NX, MSC fatigue software, designing and modeling of start igniter switch and  car door locks, Gas turbine, Steam turbine , Industrial gas turbine, centrifugal compressors, reverse engineering,… .

Now I am here in Germany with a „Job Seeker Visa“ which is valid Until the 12.06.2020  to find a proper Job.



Master of Science In Mechanical Engineering at College of engineering – University of Tehran (Iran)

Mechanical engineering-Applied Design

Sep 1997/Sep 2002

Bachelor Of Science in Mechanical Egineering at University of Mazandaran (Iran)

Mechanical Engineering in Solid Design


Dec2010 /Jan2020

Engineer of Turbo Machine elements (expert in stationary part of turbo machine’s components ) at MAPNA –TUGA (Turbine Company)- Karaj, Iran

Works done and Technical Responsibilities In TUGA:
• Providing Technical response to NCRs (non-conformity report) occurred for stationary parts of turbine or compressor machine during process of machining, assembling of them.
• Dealing with NCRs associated to burners, combustion liners and other elements of hot gas Path in Gas turbine.
• Dealing with NCRs associated to steam turbine’s valves.
• Preparing Bill of Material (BOM) for a new product by use of SAP software.
• Stress-strain analysis of machine (turbine and compressors) components by finite element method. When the parts face a defect over manufacturing process, the model of a component must be simulated by FEA to make a decision for accepting or rejecting it.
• Designing, Modeling, preparing of the outer casing and end covers of a centrifugal compressor acc. to ASME sec.VIII , div 2 (with FEM).
• Fatigue Life and endurance limit prediction for elements such as vanes by FEA under HCF and LCF.
• Designing and Analyzing of Bolted Joints by FEM or according to method of ASME Sec.VIII .
• Modeling of machine elements by use of CAD software (SolidWorks).
• Specifying geometrical and dimensional tolerances (GD&T) for parts.
• Fact finding of the damaged components, with cooperation of other groups such as QC, welding and material groups, machining, turbine service and maintenance… .
• Technical supporting of manufacturing of combustion Liner of gas turbine MGT30-25MW in TUGA and technical supporting in order to running the test stand for controlling the flow rate of the liner.
• Technical supporting of manufacturing of liquid fuel burner for gas turbineMGT30- 25 MW.
• Responsible to substitute of non-metal components which is used in gas turbine DU80-ZORYA from Russian material to European material.
• Inspection of hot gas path in sites for turbines V94.2 (162MW) and DU80-ZORYA(25MW).

Dec2007 / Dec2010

Mechanical Design Engineer at Nassir Lavazem company (Automobile industry) - Tehran, Iran

Works done and Technical Responsibilities In ‘NASSIRLAVAZEM’:
• Technical supporting the production line of manufacturing automobile’s starter switch and door lock.
• Implementing modification on the products (switch and lock systems)
• Responsible for Redesigning project of a switch starter and door locks for a car, named ZAMYAD.
• Creating 3D model and 2D drafting for components of a switch lock and door locks for ZAMYAD automobile.
• Counseling suppliers to manufacture the components (die cast parts, sheet-metal parts, and plastic injection parts) from the aforementioned 2D drawings, as a head of team.
• Preparing a prototype for new locks.

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