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Senior .NET Developer




Senior Software Engineer

I am a software engineer who has worked in enterprise software development projects for over 25 years. I worked as a software development engineer, project team leader, and branch manager gradually in my professional life.

After working as a civil servant, I retired in January 2020. I am currently working as a senior software engineer in a private company in Ankara, Turkey. I am planning to extend my profession abroad. I want to work in a job where I can gain further experience, and make contributions with my experience.

I am an ambitious, enthusiastic and open-minded professional. I am a fast learner and can adapt to different environments quickly. I am a good instructor and I like to share my knowledge and experience. I am a hard worker, team player and problem solver. I love to learn and work on challenging new technologies.

I took part in analysis, design, front-end & back-end development of various high volume / large scale projects that served over 1000+ users in corporate intranet. Those projects were mainly about document management, business workflows, social network analysis (SNA) and web mining.

As a senior software developer, I intensely made use of parallel programming, application & data security, auditing, authentication & authorization, text retrieval systems, object relational mapping (ORM), multi-layer application servers, SOA and REST services, and many more diverse concepts. I am especially experienced in Windows environment, .NET programming, and web based technologies.

I prefer to work as a senior backend/frontend developer or as an application architect.

Analyst, Full stack developer  / Ankara Technopolis / 2020 – Present

I am working in a private company as a senior software engineer. I am currently involved in a conventional software development project. The project is about data gathering, data querying and reporting with user interface.


Tasks / activities:

Authentication / Auıthorization of users, with different roles,
Gather data and documents from user input,
Integration with a Remote Document Management System via web service
Store and query data in a relational database,
Logging activities and informing users via SMS/email
Expected Results:

Validate and evaluate data,
Transferring data to an enterprise document management system, and monitor data status,
Receive evaluated data from the enterprise document management system,
Create reports and dashboards about gathered data and related activities.
Tools and frameworks used: Azure Devops, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core (MVC & WebAPI), Typescript, Angular, JWT, MSSQL, MongoDb


In parallel, I am involved in another project, about gathering and analyzing social media data. In this project, we acquire data from Twitter by using Twitter API, store it in nosql and graph databases. We are aiming to analyze data by using NLP and SNA tools.

Tasks / activities:

Gather data and documents from social media,
Store data in Nosql and graph databases,
Use parallelism in storing data,
Use NLP to extract information from stored data,
Use SNA to extract realationships from stored data,
Expected Results:

Perform  basic and advanced queries on stored data,
Produce relation networks of entities,
Make Sentiment analysis on text data,
Evaluation of popular news on social media,
Tools and frameworks used: Mongodb, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Azure Devops, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core (MVC & WebAPI), Typescript, Angular, JWT, MSSQL,

Analyst, Full stack developer  / Turkish Presidency / 2017 – 2020

I took part as an analyst and full stack developer  in a social media and news analysis project. The aim of the project was serving enterprise users to search, filter, view, analyze and make decisions on data gathered from social media and the Internet.

Tasks / activities:

A social media data retriever service was developed that uses Twitter Streaming API.
A custom data transfer service was developed in order to transfer gathered data to corporate intranet instantly.
Obtained data was stored and indexed into MongoDB by another service developed.
WCF/REST based backend services was developed to authorize user, search, view and analyze data.
Front-end web interface was developed using HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, SignalR.
Data gathering service was maintained regularly to be up to be compatible with current Twitter API.

The project served over 1000 users.
Over a million distinct Twitter posts was collected daily.
A custom trending topic list was evaluated grouping and sorting most shared “web urls” gathered from twitter data.
User, mention, retweet data and relations were used in making social network analysis.
Tools and frameworks used: .NET, WCF/REST, C#, MongoDB, Bootstrap, JQuery, AJAX, SignalR

Senior Software Engineer / Turkish Prime Ministry/ 2014 – 2017

I worked as a business analyst and full stack developer a business analyst and full stack developer in a news portal project. The aim of the project was providing an up to date news portal to enterprise users.

Tasks / activities:

News was gathered from various sources including web sites, RSS feeds, news agency data streams, etc. by using various web crawler, rss poller, stream reader services developed.
Obtained data was transferred to intranet by our custom service.
Data is classified, stored and indexed into Lucene.Net and Oracle by a service developed.
A WCF/REST based back-end service was developed to search, view, list, analyze news data. In addition, authentication, authorization, logging is implemented.
Front  end web interface was developed using ASP.NET, Javascript, Ajax, Websockets.

The project served over 3000 users.
Over 100.000 news obtained, classified and stored daily.
Frontend user interface was customizable by theme and functionality.
Most viewed news in intranet was displayed in the portal as local trending news.
News classification and custom tagging was provided.
User application had Instant notification by custom keywords capability.
Tools and frameworks used: .NET, WCF/REST, C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, Ajax, Websockets, Lucene.Net, Oracle, AngularJS 2

Senior Software Engineer / Turkish Prime Ministry/ 2011 – 2014

I worked as a backend developer  in a document and case management project.

The aim of the project was providing enterprise users to create and send formal documents among departments by hierarchical workflow. The formal documents was to be stored, and classified in a secure environment.

Tasks / activities:

A windows desktop application was developed for user interface that lets document creation, view, search, etc.
Distributed application server architecture was designed for communicating among wide area network locations.
Documents were stored in Oracle, and indexed with Lucene.Net
Document access was strictly authorized by business rules to authenticated users, and all activities were logged.
Version controlled documents were classified and tagged by users.
User and organization management modules were developed.
The project served over 5000 users.
Over 10.000 documents were created, classified and stored daily.
Frontend user interface was customizable by theme and functionality.
Tools and frameworks used: .NET Remoting, C#, Lucene.Net, Oracle

Senior Software Engineer / Turkish Prime Ministry / 2003 – 2011


I took part in development of large scale projects about document management, case management, business workflow, text retrieval, application security, data encryption, auditing, authentication, authorization.

Tools and frameworks used: C#, ASP.NET, AJAX,, Oracle, SQL Server.

Software Engineer / Turkish Prime Ministry / 1994 – 2003


Worked in design, development and maintenance of distributed client-server projects about secure messaging, data security, hierarchical workflow management,

Tools and frameworks used: VB 6.0, C++, ATL, COM/DCOM, SQL Server, K2(Topic) text retrieval, Netscape Enterprise Server


• Business Analysis • Solution Architecture • Software Design • Information Security • Full-Stack Development • Programming Languages • Parallel Programming • Socket Programming • Agile Methodology • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Remoting • SOAP/REST Web Services • OOP • OLTP/OLAP Applications • Relational Database Management Systems • NoSQL Databases • Text Retrieval Systems

• Authentication, Authorization • Application & Data Security • Encryption, Obfuscation • Big Data • Data Analytics • Video Streaming • Geographic Information Systems • Identity Management • Document Management Systems • Natural Language Processing (NLP) • Cryptography


• Azure Devops • Entity Framework •• Windows Active Directory • Microsoft IIS • LDAP • Oracle • MS SQL Server • Hadoop • MongoDB • RavenDB • Tomcat • Nginx • Microsoft Sharepoint • Wowza


• .Net Core • C# • JavaScript • JQuery • Bootstrap • AngularJS 2 • WCF • HTML5 • CSS • ASP.NET •PL/SQL • VB.NET • C++ • Websockets • SignalR •WebDav



BS Degree on Computer Sciences Engineering, 3.03 GPA, Hacettepe University, 09/1990 – 06/1994, Ankara, TURKEY



2014 Apache Hadoop Developer Training by Dilisim

2010 Visual Studio 2008 Windows Presentation Foundation  by Infopark

2009 Project Management in Information Technologies by 4S

2008 Developing and Extending MS Sharepoint 2007 Server by Bilge Adam



English, Professional Working Proficiency

German, Elementary Proficiency

Turkish, Native or Bilingual Proficiency



BS Degree at Hacettepe University Computer Sciences Engineering Department




Seniıor Software Engineer at Ankara Technopolis


Software Engineer at Turkish Prime Ministry

  • Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden
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