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Post Doc – PEMFC MEA manufacturing using ultra- H/F

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Job title: Post Doc – PEMFC MEA manufacturing using ultra- H/F

Company: Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique

Job description: Entité de rattachement Le Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) est un organisme public de recherche.

Acteur majeur de la recherche, du développement et de l’innovation, le CEA intervient dans le cadre de ses quatre missions :
. la défense et la sécurité
. l’énergie nucléaire (fission et fusion)
. la recherche technologique pour l’industrie
. la recherche fondamentale (sciences de la matière et sciences de la vie).

Avec ses 16000 salariés -techniciens, ingénieurs, chercheurs, et personnel en soutien à la recherche- le CEA participe à de nombreux projets de collaboration aux côtés de ses partenaires académiques et industriels.

Référence 2022-22665

Description de l’unité

CEA is considered as a public body and is a leader in research, development and innovation. CEA is engaged in collaborative projects with leading academic and industrial partners from around the world. Located in Grenoble, LITEN institute focused on new energy technologies, has a staff of 800 people and a portfolio of 1,100 international patents. With more than 15 years experiences, 50 persons are currently working at LITEN on PEMFC components and stacks for transportation and stationary applications, in cooperation with the industry: membrane & MEA fabrication, bipolar plates‘ design & production, microstructure / electrochemical characterization, physical properties measurements, local in-situ instrumentation and multi-scale modelling.

Description du poste





Intitulé de l’offre

Post Doc – PEMFC MEA manufacturing using ultra- H/F

Sujet de stage

PEMFC MEA manufacturing using ultra-sound technology

Durée du contrat (en mois)


Description de l’offre

In a context of decarbonization of the economy and a booming hydrogen sector, the low-temperature fuel cells and especially the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) appears as a relevant technology, particularly for transport or stationary applications. Research is continuing to reduce the production costs of the fuel cell, while improving their performance and their durability, to fasten their large-scale deployment. France is a leading country with several companies producing PEMFC stack, system and vehicles, supported by Research and Development divisions and research institutes. However, there is still no French industry for the production of fuel cell cores of the stack.

Reducing the manufacturing cost of the cell core, also called Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for PEMFCs or for low-temperature electrolyzers, by using a simpler and faster process could enable manufacturers to cross the threshold of the French production. In addition, there is still a lack of understanding of the impact of the MEA manufacturing process on the functional properties of the components and therefore to make the link with performance and durability.

This post-doctoral research project has two main objectives. On the one hand, the fellow will have to develop, with the support of the permanent staff, a welding and cutting process based on ultrasound in order to simplify and reduce the manufacturing time of the MEA. On the other hand, efforts will be put to understand the impact of the process on the functional properties of the MEA components and especially on the ionomer used as electrolyte in the membrane and in the electrodes that can be affected by the ultra-sounds modulation. The post-doctor student should:

(i) determine the process parameters to assemble the Catalyst Coated Membrane called CCM and to glue the other constituents such as the Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL) and the reinforcements, at the scale of the second and without external temperature input;

(ii) Make a specific study of electrochemical, physical, chemical and microstructural characterizations of the modification of the structure of the membrane and the ionomer in the catalyst layer using specific tools like SANS, SAXS, DRX, WAXS, DVS, IR, Raman, EDS, SEM… This could permit to have a better understanding of the interaction between the process and the properties of the materials in the MEA and making the link with the performance and the durability;

(iii) Evaluate in single cell the performance and the durability of the compounds of the MEA assembled by ultra-sounds, using a specific single cell and a single cell in real operating conditions.

The post-doctoral student should promote the results, in particular through publications in peer-reviewed journals and in patents.

Profil du candidat

You have a thesis in the field of the materials and/or the electrochemistry and you have a solid experience in the material processing and the polymer characterization (SANS, SAXS, DRX, WAXS, DVS, IR, RAMAN, EDS, SEM).

A knowledge in the CEA organization would be appreciated.

You are recognized for your rigor, your organization, your communication abilities, your open minded, your autonomy, your critical mind and persevering. You know how to work with respect of quality and safety procedures.

Localisation du poste



Localisation du poste

France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



Critères candidat


Anglais (Courant)

Formation recommandée

thesis in electrochemistry and/or materials


Disponibilité du poste


Expected salary:

Location: Isère

Job date: Wed, 27 Jul 2022 22:30:39 GMT

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