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By | Juni 4, 2021
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Job title: SATCOM Engineers

Company: JOBS

Job description:

  • Working Location: Various Locations in Europe
  • Security Clearance: NATO/ EU Secret
  • Language: High proficiency level in English language


Essential Qualifications/Experience:

· Vocational training in a relevant technical discipline, leading to a professional qualification or equivalent combination of qualifications and experience
· 5+ years of experience in SATCOM Telecommunications with multiple disciplines in equipment training
· Trained to work to UK and EU standards
· Experience in installation and testing of fibre
· Previous experience in performing site surveys

Desirable Qualifications/Experience:

  • Previous experience in coordinating/ offering project management support


· Perform Site Survey activities by offering support on the next project phases:
ü Pre-Survey Briefing – approximately 2 weeks prior to the Survey Date, the Client shall deliver to a detailed briefing of information concerning the Customer Site
ü Onsite Survey – arrive at the Customer Site and methodically record the information detailed below (the “Site Survey”):
o Site latitude, longitude, magnetic variation, height above sea level of the Customer Site
o Method for accessing the Customer Site, noting available access times
o Review of permit requirements
o Assess the available space for antenna systems
o Create a sketch map of the Customer Site
o Measure potential cable runs (to ensure the right length of cable is provided)
o Note availability of cable racking and conduit
o Note site preparation and civil works tasks to be performed based on the design of the antenna system
o Perform full horizon sweep, noting obstacles impeding line of sight to the Satellite Arc
o Investigate proposed or existing location for mounting of antenna
o Create a catalogue of photographs for later reference
o Review power availability
o Note availability of power backup capability (generator and batteries)
o Note existence and position of lightning protection
o Review location of all Utility Power Outlets used for the install process
o Note existence and available capacity of indoor HVAC
o Note availability and indoor space for new equipment rack or within existing equipment rack
o Note material health & safety risks which may impede successful installation of the antenna system and which are readily apparent to the Personnel at the Customer Site
ü Site Survey Report – compile all the information required after performing the tasks and recording the details as indicated above and prepare a report (the “Site Survey Report”) within 3 days of completing the Site Survey. Promptly deliver the Site Survey Report via email to Implementation Engineer. The Site Survey Report will include a recommendation as to the suitability of the site. Following delivery of the Site Survey Report, the Client will schedule a video conference (or phone conference, if video conferencing is unavailable) to review the Site Survey Report
The final deliverables of Contractor under the Site Survey Service will be as follows:

ü Site Survey Report including Horizon profile and site photographs
ü RFI Survey report – if applicable
ü Conference call with SES to discuss
Perform the installation, commissioning and testing of a Tier-2 antenna system for use with the satellite network, including outdoor equipment, indoor equipment and Inter-Facility-Link (IFL) cabling

· Offer support on the next project phases:
ü Pre-Install Validation – the objective of this phase is to ensure all pre-requisite tasks including those listed below have been completed prior to commencement of the onsite I&C Service. Inspect the Customer Site and confirm the following matters:
o Confirmation of the address of the Customer Site
o Customer site readiness and access status
o Customer Site health & safety risk assessment in place according to locally established standards
o Ground preparation and civil works as detailed in the relevant site survey report (such report, the “Site Survey Report”)
o Installation of Inter-Facility-Link (IFL) cable conduit and cabling systems
o Installation of outdoor grounding point
o Provision of an environmentally controlled indoor shelter
o Indoor installation equipment rack
o Installation of rack grounding
o Delivery of equipment to site address
o Provision of onsite spares storage area
o Completion of all Contractor, Customer and Company actions listed in the Site Survey Report
ü Outdoor Installation – the Outdoor Installation phase consists of the tasks detailed below, which must be performed for each antenna system to be installed at the Customer Site:
o Perform an onsite health & safety risk assessment and report adverse findings immediately to the Project Manager
o Unpacking and inspection of all equipment
o Inventory of all items, model, version and serial numbers, including both operational and spares equipment
o Perform pre-build antenna configuration
o Perform antenna construction and fitting/mounting of all electronic components as per the installation manual/guide for the system being implemented
o Perform hardware mechanical inspection and test
o Tidy and remove site rubbish as necessary
o Install OOB system as required
ü Indoor Installation: iinstallation and configuration of the Indoor equipment into the Equipment rack is to be completed in accordance with the supplied IDP and configuration files
ü Installation of the M&C (Monitor and Control) System
ü Installation Validation:
o Installation checks as per the installation validation document
o Verification that the antenna system is tracking the satellite system
ü Link Commissioning and Testing:
o Initiate the Commissioning process to the Remote Operations Service Team via the Implementation Engineer
o The Remote Implementation Team will perform testing on the forward and return links
o The Remote Implementation Team, with the support of the Personnel, will perform multiple calibration passes to ensure optimal satellite connectivity
o The Remote Implementation Team, with the support of the Personnel, will confirm end-to-end data flow
ü Link Stability Testing and Monitoring – performed by the Remote Implementation Team, who will on a 24 x 7 basis monitor link performance to identify issues and opportunities for link optimization
ü Service Closure – is designed to handover the commissioned antenna system to the Customer:
o Finalize IDP As-Built records and send them to the Implementation Engineer
o Provide the Field Service Record Horizon Profile and site photographs to Implementation Engineer
· Project support/ management activities

Expected salary:

Location: België

Job date: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 22:12:14 GMT

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