Junior QA Engineer

By | Juni 5, 2021
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Job title: Junior QA Engineer

Company: Freightos

Job description: WebCargo, digitizes global freight sales for over 2,000 of the world’s largest logistics providers and carriers. We’re part of the Freightos Group, a logistics technology company that’s raised nearly $100 million from investors like GE Ventures, the Singapore Exchange and Aleph, and have gotten the BBC, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal excited about freight. And if you think that’s cool, you’re going to think the rest of this is plane awesome (see what we did there?). We’ve had double-digit growth year after year and are looking to further expand in one of the biggest cargo freight markets; the Good ol’ US of A ( and Canada too!). Uncle Sam wants you… to digitize his cargo.

When details are ignored, containers fall off of ships. And that’s a big deal.

Are you a Junior QA Engineer passionate about finding errors for insane edge cases and love a wide variety of challenges? Do you have a passion for using tools, technology, and heck, even your mother’s critical eye to solve problems? Do you want to join a startup that’s changing how everything in the world gets from A to B? Do you value delivering highly scalable and the highest quality software?

Good news, friend. We got something incredible for you.

Freightos WebCargo is looking for a Junior QA Engineer who supports everyone to develop high-quality software. The perfect engineer lives and breathes classic Agile techniques that ensure quality code is released to production at the end of a sprint. Quality is a way of life for you; you’ll be parachuted into a development team to act as a quality advocate, helping team members on making rock-solid, scalable developments. How? By designing, creating, and implementing test cases and quality requirements, as well as automating manual processes and functional testing. As Kanye West would say if he was looking for a QA engineer, we’re looking for motivation to automation, to win the races to edge cases.


  • Preach quality. Beyond testing, you’ll support everyone to develop high-quality software, with automated and manual testing as your sword and shield.
  • Get ready to coordinate. You’ll guide releases through test planning, preparation, design, and execution tasks. And you’ll love doing it.
  • Things don’t work without a framework. Along with your QA colleagues, you’ll design, develop and upkeep a test framework for automating tests, creating the right infrastructure for the R&D organization;
  • You’ll work very closely with developers to ensure that testing layers cover the entire project.
  • Design and implement functional tests, and help to create the non-functional tests (in other words, be involved in all kinds of tests), that will ensure there is coverage of both expected and unexpected behaviour.
  • Clearly communicate and report on all test-related matters to various stakeholders on the product. And since they aren’t all technical, you’ll need to have your coder to non-coder dictionary handy.
  • Capable of contributing to any other activities that the team might need to be unblocked in order to deliver value, assisting other teammates when necessary – that includes helping in requirements gathering, design, development, releasing, support, etc…

Basic Qualifications:

  • At least one year of experience in a similar role.
  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. Are you still studying? That’s fine!
  • Fluent in English with good reading, speaking, and writing skills.
  • Solid experience in Jira or similar issue tracking system.
  • Familiarity with software testing and/or testing software for personal/university projects
  • Excellent communication, self-organization, time management, and interpersonal skills.
  • Very precise and detail-oriented. You’re the kind of person who loves finding typos in restaurant menus.
  • Must have a valid EU work permit

Preferred qualifications

  • Some programming experience always helps.
  • Experience in testing frameworks like Selenium, Ghost Inspector, TestNG, Cucumber, and development processes like TDD, BDD will be considered as a strong plus.

Expected salary:

Location: Barcelona

Job date: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 22:50:37 GMT

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