Blue Card Jobs

Work and live in the European Union!

We are an info and job board around the Blue Card EU. Since 2012, companies and international university graduates as well as highly qualified specialists have come together here.

With the Blue Card, interested foreign specialists can receive a six-month Job Seeker Visa to search for a suitable Job in Germany or Europe.


In addition to university graduates or professionals with recognized foreign university degrees, the EU Blue Card is also available for students. The residence and work permit is particularly popular with highly qualified specialists who want to work in Germany.

To jobseekers we offer:
Simply present your resume as a specialist for companies in the respective countries, Information on available vacancies, employers and News on Work and residence permit.

We offer to employers:
Simple job posting for the specialists you are looking for and Presentation of your Employer Brand.

Blue Card Specialist for the European Union!

This work and residence permit is for highly qualified professionals outside the EU / EEA who want to work and live in Euopa. Here you will find the countries and the requirements for immigration as a worker. Total of 25 countries in Europe offer immigration specialists via the EU Blue Card.

Europe is looking for specialists, and the these Work and residence permit enables easy, regulated access to the country of your choice.

Here the latest BlueCardJobs

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Weitere Jobangebote laden was founded privately as an info platform and cooperates with European Commision - Eures - - European Job Days and many more. Foreign specialists for Germany with recognized vocational training can find and search for suitable information on visas and work in Germany on our sister portal You will not receive a work permit from us. Only the state employment services of the respective countries can do that!